Privacy Policy


We, as Eliptik Kozmos Yazılım Anonim Şirketi(“our Company” or “TAPARAM”), have the priority to protect the personal data of our customers or third persons (“the Users”), who use our web services and digital sources, and to establish mutual trust and transparency in this regard. Your personal data, which you share with us electronically and which we record via automatic or non-automatic methods at the moment you visit Taparam through our online and digital channels in case of benefiting our support services, using our services and products, or visiting our digital channels and/or social media pages included ,but not limited our web address or extensions thereof, shall be used in order to ensure the fulfillment of your requests in the first place and to provide you with a better service in the second place.

You may obtain detailed information on the processing by Taparam of your personal data from Protection of Personal Data and Cookie Policy.

In case you are included in our verified database, our Company may send you messages for marketing and promotional activities regarding the products and services that we offer. If you deny receiving of the messages sent by our Company, you may deregister from our list of the relevant channel by, for example, clicking the link “Please click here if you do not want to receive any promotional e-mail from Taparam for the new services and products.” to exercise your right of opt-out.

Limitation of Liability

The information provided on this website are given “as is” and “in its present condition”. Taparam hereby explicitly denies its liability as to the accuracy, sufficiency, and completeness of such information, along with its liability for any incorrectness in incompleteness of such information. No explicit, implied or legal guarantee is given in the scope of this information included, but not limited, the non-violation of third persons’ rights, ownership, availability for a particular purpose, and/or not having any computer virus.

Taparam and/or its employees shall not be liable for any losses or damages included, but not limited, any and all direct or indirect losses, damages, or costs that arise during the use of this website from any performance failure, fault, deficiency, outage, defect, operation and/or transport delay, computer virus, and/or line and/or system malfunction even if they are informed of the possibility of such a loss or damage.

The risk that is attributable to both the websites that are linked from this website and the links to other websites, shall reside with the user. Taparam has not investigated or verified the accuracy of the information given in those websites and the qualities of other links given in those websites.

Taparam hereby reserves its right to modify all products and services, pages, information, and graphic elements that are made available on this website without any prior notice.

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